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SOD Turfing Installation Morecambe

SOD Turfing Installation Morecambe requires Patience, labor, and the appropriate meteorological conditions to grow a lawn from grass seed. Why not obtain a great-looking lawn right now by having us put sod? Our sod installers have years of expertise caring for beautiful, healthy lawns for our clients. You may rely on us for installing SOD in Morecambe.

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If you require a lawn right now, real grass rolls may be the best option. The term “sod” refers to a ten-square-foot roll of sod. The most important aspect is the amount of sunshine necessary for this application to thrive. The optimal times to lay sod are in the spring and fall. You can lay sod while it’s hot outside, but you’ll need more water for grass sod rolls and new sod. If you install sod in a shady spot, it will look good for a few weeks before rapidly decaying. The soil under the sod must be sufficient for the roots to grow. Sometimes it’s important to modify and/or add to the soil beforehand. You could also wish to remove some lower branches that are casting shadows on the sod to make it seem better.

Sod Lawn Installation Morecambe

Lawn Sod installation is a large investment and it frequently fails due to improper care and maintenance. After the sod is installed, we may provide lawn management services to ensure that it establishes itself and continues to look great for years to come. Are you looking for a sod lawn installation service in your area? Find The Experts in your neighborhood and take the first step toward a beautiful yard! You may also contact us for a free quote and to discuss your ideal lawn.

Some homeowners are afraid that the freshly installed natural sod turfing is too challenging to take care of. Don’t be concerned; we will provide you with instructions to care for your new lawn. It is easy and typically involves a watering schedule and the warning to stay off the grass for about a week or so.

It takes more than a little elbow grease to new grass installation. Because new sod installation is an investment, you want to know that the specialists you employ will account for all of the factors that influence success. That is why we prefer to keep you updated on our progress and process. When our professionals arrive at your location, we’ll begin the following steps:

  •  Grass and weeds in the soil are being removed.
  •  If required, amending the soil.
  •  Grading the soil to make it level and drain efficiently.
  •  Installing the sod turfing according to industry standards.
  •  Installing irrigation or sprinklers to guarantee that the sod gets enough water.

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Top 10 Benefits of Sod

  1. Aids in the conservation of water and the prevention of soil erosion.
  2. Heat is dissipated, allowing the temperature to be moderated.
  3. Reduces glare and dust.
  4. Noise is reduced.
  5. Groundwater is replenished.
  6. Natural filter that purifies water traveling via its root zone, reducing pollutants.
  7.  Insects, snakes, and rodents are among the pests that can be reduced.
  8.  Increases the market value of your home by 5% to 10%.
  9. Even after three years of development, it absorbs more rain than seed grass.
  10. Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is absorbed, and oxygen is released for people to breathe.

Premium turf

We use a seed mix that has been authorized by the Sports Turf Research Institute (STRI) and comes from an STRI-certified seed provider.
We collect Turf fresh for delivery most mornings between 3 and 5 a.m., and surprisingly, we find that it harvests best at this time, especially in the summer when there is some dew on the ground.

Before being lifted into a tractor and trailer and carried to our yard, the turf is packed into wood pallets and netted to let it breathe before being promptly put onto delivery trucks and sent to the end customer for installation.


Our staff knows how to care for your grounds when you hire us for premium sod or the best grass sod. We can maintain your grass sod lawns or the replacement of sod. And makes it rich and green all year with our decades of knowledge.

Allow our professionals to take care of the creativity and labor necessary to maintain your home in top shape! All you have to do now is relax and enjoy the beautiful lawn.

We’ve been offering expert landscaping services to residential and business clients in Blackpool, Fylde, for over 20 years. Request a Free Quote today by contacting us.

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